GNPKS College Nadala

Admission Schedule 2017-18

Normal Date of Admission Till 12.07.2017
Late Fees Rs. 100/-
(With the permission of the Principal)
From 13.07.2017 To 20.07.2017
Late Fees Rs. 200/-
(With permission of Dean, Academic Affairs, G.N.D.U. Amritsar
From 21.07.2017 To 03.08.2017
Late fee of Rs. 1000/-
(With the permission of Vice Chancellor)
From 04.08.2017 To 11.08.2017
Late Fee Rs. 5000/-
(With the permission of Syndicate, G.N.D.U. Amritsar)
From 12.08.2017 To 17.08.2017
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